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Curtain Tracking

When it comes to curtain tracking we offer a wide range from basic tracks to elaborate hand painted decorator poles. Your curtain tracking can make or break the entire look of your interior therefore special attention needs to be paid when choosing, looks apart they also need to do a job and that needs to be smooth and easy in operation. There are times where decorator poles or tracks will not give you the look you are after at this point other options have to be considered such as concealing your tracking with padded / hard pelmets.

Some of the tracking options available from blinds plus curtains –

  • Aluminium Extrusion Tracking
  • Wrought Iron
  • Timber Poles / Decorated Wood
    (various diameters available)
  • Children’s Collection
  • Fusion of Metal and Timber
  • Satin Brass / Nickel
  • Antique Bronze / Brass
  • Stage Tracking
  • Padded / Painted Pelmets
    (used with basic tracking cord / hand traverse)
  • Motorised

Curtains Tracks
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